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Honors Colloquium 2020

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The Honors Colloquium provides students the opportunity to present their research and discuss their findings.  You will find links to the colloquium in its entirety, as well as short presentations about each student's research project, below.  We encourage you to view them all!




Julia Morgenstern

Foreign Diseases, Captive Women: Negative Cosmopolitanism in Penelope Aubin’s The Noble Slaves and The Life of Charlotta du Pont

Amanda Barraza-Murphy

The Splendid Invasion: Domestic Goods and the Uncanny in Lady Audley’s Secret


Michaela Anthony

The One Ring: Medieval Romance, Mythological Femininity, and the Post-War Domestic Ideal in J.R.R. Tolkien


Suzanna DePeri

“Dangerous Terrorist Angela Davis’”: Political Imprisonment and Autobiography


Tamara Bruha

“Via a Signal Bypass:” Vocaloid Aesthetics and the Case of Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl


Erika Barrios

Undoing the Terms of Accuracy: Exploring Language Technology in the Poetry of Urayoán Noel, Mónica de la Torre, and Rosa Alcalá


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