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Apply to the Creative Writing Program

The Application

The application for the creative writing major and minor will open at 8am on March 26th and will close at midnight on April 29th.

The application is open! Click here to apply. 

Applying to the Major and Sequence-based Minor

Admission to the creative writing sequence can be competitive. Students must fulfill the following prerequisites before applying:

  1. You must be a sophomore, junior, or senior to apply. Freshmen are not eligible to apply. Seniors may apply, provided they plan to continue taking classes the following academic year.
  2. Take at least one 200-level genre-based creative writing course and either have taken or be enrolled in another 200-level genre-based creative writing course. 
  3. Prepare a writing sample. You will need to submit a sample of your writing in your chosen genre with your creative writing application. Students often submit work from their 200-level creative writing classes, and are in fact encouraged to do so. This sample should be 7-15 pages for fiction or creative nonfiction, 4-5 poems for poetry.
  4. Fill out and submit your application HERE. Application closes on April 29th, 2024 at 11:59pm. See application site for specific instructions. Students applying in multiple genres must submit an application in each genre in which they're applying.
Applying to the Cross-genre Minor

The cross-genre minor is open to all and can be declared as soon as the prerequisite courses have been taken.

If you want to pursue the cross-genre minor:

  1. You can declare the minor after you have taken two prerequisites (English 206, English 207, or English 208), and one "core" course in the minor (English 306, 307, 308, or 309). No writing sample is required to apply.
  2. Fill out the form available here to declare the cross-genre minor.
  3. Once you have completed this form, you should e-mail it to the current Director of Undergraduate Studies: Creative Writing. The DUS will then sign the form and submit it to the WCAS Office of Undergraduate Studies on your behalf.