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Interdisciplinary Clusters

Doctoral students in the humanities, sciences, and other related fields are encouraged to participate in the Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative, a program designed to help graduate students during their academic career at Northwestern by fostering connections with students and faculty in other programs with whom they might have natural intellectual affinities. Interdisciplinary clusters in different areas of intellectual inquiry have been developed by faculty across schools and programs and will provide a second intellectual home for incoming and current doctoral students.

Clusters offer their own discrete courses as well as sponsoring a number of activities and events for students and faculty. Those interested in pursuing dedicated interdisciplinary study should visit the Graduate School's Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative site for more information about the intellectual activities of these programs. Prospective doctoral students have the opportunity to select on their graduate application a cluster with which they would like to affiliate, though choosing a cluster is neither a requirement for, nor something that impacts your chances of, being admitted. Students may affiliate with a cluster at any point during their study at Northwestern. Please follow the link above to see a current list of the available clusters.