English Department Prize in Fiction

Talton Wingate 
"We Interrupt."

English Department Prize for Best Creative Nonfiction Essay

Andrew Brommel 
"Spinning Narratives."

Best Critical Essay in American Literature

Michael Emmons 
"Ladies in their Letters: The Equivocal Nature of Female relationships in Hannah W. Foster's The Coquette."

Robert Mayo Memorial Prize

David Baltmanis 
Lower Frequencies and the Higher Interests of Society.

Chester G. Hanson Award

Zoe Mentel 
1st place

Chester G. Hanson Award

Andrew Brommel 
2nd place

Harriet Gilliam Memorial Prize For best essay on Psychological interpretation of a literary text

Nicholas Soodik 
Theorizing the Reverse Peephole: Cock-Eyed Images of Desire in Seinfeld, Speigel, and Shakespeare.

J. Scott Clark Award for Outstanding Aptitude in Creative Writing

Susan Wunderink 
My Mother and I Wander the House the Night Her Aunt Dies.

Jean Meyer Aloe Poetry Prize from The American Academy of Poets Prize

Andrew Rawson 
River Eels