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Guide to the Literature Minor

English Course Listings
English Course Listings

Requirements for the Minor

The English Literature Minor comprises a required two-part survey in English Literary Traditions (English 210-1 and English 210-2) and/or American Literary Traditions (English 270-1 and English 270-2), English 300, and 4 additional literature courses. The surveys familiarize students with literary traditions and teach the writing and analytical skills expected in advanced literature courses. Minors must take Part 1 of either sequence (210-1 or 270-1) and any one of the three remaining survey courses. The two courses can be taken in any order.

Students are also required to take English 300, a seminar that teaches fundamental skills in reading and interpretation and exposes students to new ways of thinking about literary texts. English 300 may be taken concurrently with either part of the English Literary Traditions or American Literary Traditions sequences.

Minors have wide latitude in selecting their four additional literature courses, but two of those courses must engage primarily with literature written before 1830 and two must engage primarily with literature written after 1830. Courses satisfying these requirements are clearly identified in English Course Listings (see sidebar).  Minors may count up to one 200-level literature course as an additional course.  A comparative literature course at the 300-level may also count toward the English Literature minor.

A worksheet to help you keep track of your progress through the English minor is available here.  Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2017 should use this form.

Declaring an English Literature Minor 

You may download major declaration forms and minor declaration forms from Weinberg's Policies, Procedures and Forms page. Once you have completed the form, e-mail it to Jim Hodge, the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS).  Once signed by the DUS, they will then submit the completed declaration form to the WCAS Office of Undergraduate Studies.


Minors are eligible to pre-register for up to two English literature courses per quarter. Note, however, that students may only pre-register for a total of two courses across all majors and minors. Pre-registration times are based on class year and student identification number, with seniors beginning on Monday morning. See the Registrar’s website for the specific schedule.

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