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Robert Dentler Memorial Prizes


Mary Bradford
"Meeting and Confrontation: The Eternal Stone Object in Keats and Mandelstam"

Emma Montogomery
"Clarity in Chaos: Expression of Identity in Haryette Mullen's Muse and Drudge"

Jack Drumm
"The Haunted Poet: Emily Dickinson and M. NourbeSe Philip as Mouthpieces for the Dead"

James Amick
"Cutting the Whale Lines"


Alexander Becker
"One Who Does Not Speak Greek' Politics of Language in U.S.-Mexico Relations"

Rachel Girty
"This is not a Requiem"


Alanna Henry
"If There be 'Tongues in Trees': Communication and Voicelessness in Alnwick Castle"

Abigail Barronian
"In the Cowitz Valley"


Kristian Ayala
"On Self-Imposed Liminality: Adaptations of Christianity As Protest for Beats and Latin American Revolutionaries."

Ezra Olson


Travis Steele
"Race and Poetry: The Struggle with Authorial Lineage in Hughes' These for English B."

Alexandra Pechman
"The Dots," "August 31," and "Two Foxes"


Maxwell Kuehn
"'Little Star:' Translating Gottfried Benn's Kleine Aster into English"

Emily Anderson
"Stuart Dybek's 'Benediction': The Struggle for American Spiritual Identity" 

Alleliah Nuguid


Jack Neubauer
"'Galileo, Less Assured': Milton's Treatment of Galileo in Paradise Lost."

Christopher Adamson 
"The Erotic and Divine in John Donne: A Convergence of New Worlds"

Samuel Johnson
"The Canoe"

Ali Pechman
"Summer, In the Study"


Christopher Adamson
"The Strange Sublimity of Mark Stand"

Madeline Weinstein
"Last Morning: A Likeness"
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