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English Course Listings
English Course Listings

Literature majors have a number of different options for advising on course selection and progress through the major.

The best way to “choose” a faculty advisor is also the simplest. Visit his or her office hours to ask for course advice – and then do the same thing the next quarter, and the quarter after that. Before you know it, your conversations will progress from course selection to your progress through the major, possibilities for study abroad and independent research, and your post-graduation plans. It’s perfectly possible to “switch” advisors in the same way, as your interests change or if a particular faculty member goes on research leave. If you get into the habit of visiting office hours, you’ll probably find yourself receiving informal advice from multiple professors even if your primary advisor doesn’t go on leave. The Faculty Directory has an up-to-date list of faculty office hours.

Literature majors and minors can also direct advising questions to one of the department’s designated faculty advisors or the DUS. The DUS is the only person who can handle certain complicated matters such as exceptions to major and minor requirements and approval of study abroad and transfer credit. Office hours for the DUS and designated faculty advisors are available on the Advisors Directory.

In this section, students can also find advice on selecting courses, petitioning to graduate, and asking for letters of recommendation.

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