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English Department Prize in Critical Nonfiction

Sam Alex Raim 
"U(RI)NIFICATION: Catechism and Grotesque Humor in Joyce's Ithaca."

English Department Prize in Fiction

Anna Miles 
"Hello Moon"

English Department Prize for Best Creative Nonfiction Essay

Jonathan Gleason 

English Department Teaching Award for Excellence as a Teaching Assistant

Alanna Hickey

English Department Teaching Excellence Award

Carolina Hotchandani

Jean H. Hagstrum Prize for Best Dissertation

Greg Laski 
"The Present-Past: Race, Repetition, and the Temporality of American Democracy after Slavery."

Helen G. Scott Prize for Best Critical Essay on Literary Criticism and Theory

Sophia Lipov 
"Technology: Our Long-Lost Twin?"

Best Critical Essay in American Literature

Maeve Wall 
"Devoted Until the End: Religiosity in James' Portrait of a Lady."

Helen G. Scott Prize for Best Creative Nonfiction Essay

Carolyn Highland 

Helen G. Scott Prize for Best Creative Nonfiction Essay

Shaunacy Ferro 
"My Grandmother Wore Pants to Her Wedding"

Helen G. Scott Prize for Best Fiction

Nadia Hlebowitsh 
"Ghost Train"

Helen G. Scott Prize for Best Fiction

Brendan Scannell 

Excellence in Creative Writing

Jennifer Mahlum

Robert Dentler Memorial Prizes

Travis Steele 
Race and Poetry: The Struggle with Authorial Lineage in Hughes' 'Theme for English B.

Robert Dentler Memorial Prizes

Alexandra Pechman 
"The Dots," "August 31," and "Two Foxes"

Robert Mayo Memorial Prize

Nicole Sheriko 
Textual Housekeeping: Language's Role in Maintaining Societal Boundaries

Harriet Gilliam Memorial Prize For best essay on Psychological interpretation of a literary text

Jessica Bickel-Barlow 
The Sound and the Horror

J. Scott Clark Award for Outstanding Aptitude in Creative Writing

Elisa Sutherland

Jean Meyer Aloe Poetry Prize from The American Academy of Poets Prize

Alexandra Pechman 
The Dots

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