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Faricy Award for Poetry


Faricy Award for Poetry

First Place

Ella J. Lombard  "Lilith Sonnet Sequence"

Second Place

Laila Francis "Queen Esther"

Third Place

Sydney Shaw "Faith"


Faricy Award for Poetry

First Place Co-Winners

Grace Gay “Caring and Feeding of the Dead”

Julian Kanagy “Aubade”

Second Place Co-Winners

Emily Jahn “Ballad of Nani's Earrings”

Laila Francis “Covenant”

Tara Shirvaikar “Nani's Earrings”

Third Place

Marielle Issa “Chocolat”


Faricy Award for Poetry

First Place Co-Winners

Caroline Levy "I Am Not America"

Kyndal Thomas "Still Malleable"

Second Place

Jessica Ogwumike "Piedade, Cononized"

Third Place

Nicole Wallace "#72 North Avenue"


Faricy Award for Poetry

First Place

Megan Pan "On Seeing My Father's Abandoned Hometown

Second Place

Rebecca Ehrmann "Art World"

Third Place

Mahalia Sobhani "Girl With Her Hair Cut Short"


Faricy Award for Poetry

First Place

Ali Gardezi "Journey to the Arsoned Home"

Second Place

Shuoyang Sun "Distorted Memories"

Third Place

Matt Levin "On Titian's Portrait of Filippo Archinto


Faricy Award for Poetry

First Place

Peter Tolly "Paper Boat"

Second Place Co-Winners

Samantha Kostick "Lake's Edge"

Matthew Levin "March 28th, 1941 - By the River Ouse"

Third Place

Daphne Kim "What We Do"


Corinne White "The Courtship of Wyoming and I"

Bryce O' Tierney "Open, Smell, Settle, Begin..."


Will Sonheim "An Empty Nest"

Ashley Albert "Ode to Snow"

Hilary Rasch "Hummingbirds"

Caroline Dean "Sprawl"

Nicole Bronnimann "Hansel & Gretel: At the Dinner Table


Katherin Defliese "Immolation"

Priyanka Bose "After the Bath"

Emily Anderson "A Day on a Page"

Jennifer Mahlum "Black Tulips"

Martin Kim "Woods"

Caitlin Enders "How to Keep your Boat Well-Painted"

Bryan Jewell "Constructed"

Johnathan Ayala "Hubble Ultra Deep Field"

Brittany Jaekel "Thetis"


Christopher Warner "My Brother on the Lake"

Brittany Jaekel "Ode to the Crow River"

Joanna Beer "Skipping Stone"

Madeline Weinstein "Night Visit"


Christopher Adamson "Balanced Rock"

Ashley Keyser "Winer Poems 2009"


Andy Kryshak "Bird Speak"

Dinah Finkelstein "Objective Observer"

Tim DeMay "The Mystery of Faith, the Shark, the Edge of the World"

Nanette O'Brien "Only Child"


Ellen Cantrell "Ultreya"

Nanette O'Brien "Philadelphia International Airport Terminal D 9-16: Exhibit of Shells from the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia"

Brittany Bettendorf "Body Worlds Exhibit" and "Burnt Palace"

Harris Sockel "Fourth of July, Jay, New York" and "A Rainbow Melts Inside the Alchoholic"

Bridget Mendel "Outside Voices"


J. C. Longbottom "On Lake Gabbro"

Gregory Marshall "Patroclus Stripped of Armor Speaks" and "Fox Skull"

Daniel Gross "The Day I Met Bonnie"

Ying Zhu Chin "Accusing the Panda"


John Dixon "Why I Don't Always Know What to Say"

Sarah Elizabeth Zucker "Ode to the Queen of Too Much Information"

Laura Dunn "Concepcion"

Andrew Nelson "Findings" and "The Autopsy (for William Blake)" and "Paris"

Christian Engley "Excrement" and "Man in Black" and "The Survivor"

David Ro "Sonnetina 2 - I Told Mother I Wanted to Write"


Beth Laux "Midnight and Barefoot"

Matthew Scharf "Shoveling"

David Kieley "Clifton, NJ" and "What Your Dead Relatives Are Up To" and "The Persistent Heathen"

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