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Student Groups

Undergraduate English Association

The Undergraduate English Association (UEA) is a student organized group which exists to promote and build the literary community on campus. Our services and organized events are open to not only English majors but those with general literary interests. A variety of activities are held throughout the year, including a monthly book club, open mic nights, local volunteer outreach, professor coffee klatches, and themed speaker panels. On occasion we take organized trips, and we also serve as a liaison between students and the English administration.

Student Advisory Board

Each year, two English majors are chosen to represent the department on the Weinberg College Student Advisory Board (SAB). Within Weinberg, the SAB serves as the primary source of student advice to the Dean and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. In addition, SAB representatives help to nominate faculty and TAs for Weinberg College Outstanding Teaching awards, select Weinberg College students to serve on college committees, and recommend a speaker for Weinberg College’s Senior Convocation.

Within the English department, the our SAB representatives also advise the Chair, Associate Chair, and Director of Undergraduate Studies on issues important to undergraduates. They also relay student concerns to the department administration in cases where individual students are not comfortable doing so directly.

Names and contact information for the department’s current SAB representatives can be found on our Administration page.


A student-run literary magazine that focuses on creating an inclusive writing community on campus, bringing Creative Writing majors and writing-interested students from any major together in workshops, readings, and other events.

For more information, please email

The Slam Society

The Slam Society is Northwestern University's open forum on performance poetry. The Slam Society follows a "flashmob poetry" philosophy where audiences can manifest wherever there are performers. The Slam Society offers no prizes or rewards for participation in its events but rather hopes that by holding events for amateurs and veterans alike, sponsoring trips to poetry readings in the community, and spreading the appreciation of spoken word the poets among us can perform their original works to welcoming and supportive audiences to develop their talents.

Our events take place across Northwestern's campus. All outdoor readings occur without the use of microphones or any form of amplification. After an open mic portion (sans mic), we hold a slam at each event. Judges are randomly selected and anyone is welcome to compete.

No Strangers to Fiction

No Strangers to Fiction is Northwestern's peer workshopping group. Find us on Facebook to learn about our meeting times and our creative writing outings.


At Northwestern, we have publications that cater to almost every niche of journalism. However, we noticed there lacked a space dedicated to artistic, experimental media. Enter SLANT NU, a multimedia publication on campus that publishes refined, provocative stories. We strive to push the boundaries of available 21st century resources in order to showcase pieces in a less traditional way. For each quarterly issue, the editorial team decides on a theme. In the past, themes have included “Meet the Millennials,” “Nostalgia,” “Loneliness,” “Naked,” and “Un/Rest.”

SLANT is a unique option for English and Creative Writing Majors to publish their work in a non-traditional, non-print medium. Written works can be performed and published as an interactive video or audio track. SLANT magazine is also special in the way we publish. Over the course of the quarter, the team works together with the contributors in the development of their pieces. Through this organic process, the team is able to give feedback and shape the piece in a fully collaborative fashion. Our contributors attend staff meetings and are part of the artistic "collective" behind the publication.

Contact for submissions and information.