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Jeffrey Masten

Professor of English and Gender & Sexuality Studies; Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of English

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
Book Appointment


Jeffrey Masten (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania) teaches and writes at the intersection of early modern English literature, book history, and sexuality studies. He has written influentially about collaboration, authorship, and discourses of sexuality in early English drama in Textual Intercourse: Collaboration, Authorship, and Sexualities in Renaissance Drama (Cambridge), and about sexuality and the history of the language in Queer Philologies: Sex, Language, and Affect in Shakespeare's Time (Penn).  Queer Philologies received the 2018 Elizabeth Dietz Memorial Award for best book in early modern drama studies. Masten was named a Guggenheim Fellow for 2022-23.

Masten also teaches in the Gender & Sexuality Studies Program at Northwestern and is a former director of the program. With Northwestern colleague William West, he co-edits the bi-annual scholarly journal Renaissance Drama (University of Chicago Press Journals).

Masten was named Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence by the University in 2006, and is a recipient of the E. LeRoy Hall Award for Distinguished Teaching in Weinberg College. His recent undergraduate courses are:

  • Introduction to Shakespeare (English 234)
  • Shakespeare's Sex (English 101, 339)
  • Hamlet: That Is the Question (English 339)
  • The Drama of Homosexuality (Gender Studies 362/English 312)
  • Early Modern Sexualities (Gender Studies 390)
  • Renaissance Drama (English 332)
  • Shakespeare's Books (English 397 research seminar / Special Collections)

Masten co-edited Language Machines: Technologies of Literary and Cultural Production (Routledge), with Peter Stallybrass and Nancy J. Vickers. He edited the collaborative play The Old Law for the award-winning Oxford University Press Thomas Middleton: The Collected Works and is editing a new critical edition of Christopher Marlowe's Edward II for Arden Early Modern Drama. Masten published his discovery of a previously unknown first-edition copy of the 1594 play in the Times Literary Supplement in 2012. 

Masten has served as a trustee of the Shakespeare Association of America, as well as chair of the Modern Language Association's Division on Shakespeare executive committee. He has taught graduate seminars at the University of Michigan, the University of Chicago, the University of Kansas Alice Holmes Summer Institute, and the Folger Institute. Before joining the Northwestern faculty in 1998, he taught at Harvard University.

Prof. Masten earned his B.A. in English and Music at Denison University and serves on Denison's Board of Trustees.


Language Technologies, Early Modern, Theatre & Drama, Gender Studies


Queer Philologies: Sex, Language, and Affect in Shakespeare's Time
Queer Philologies: Sex, Language, and Affect in Shakespeare's Time (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016; paperback, 2018)


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