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Graduate Fellowships

IMPORTANT: Note that external funding may be amplified by the Northwestern Graduate School's External Award Policy, the benefits of which may (depending on the specific's of a given award) include amplification of the award's stipend to that year's baseline Graduate School stipend level.  Specifics about the External Award Policy can be found here.


We believe that graduate funding is a collaborative effort between our doctoral students and the University. Because the mentored experience of writing grant applications as a graduate student is irreplaceable, and the receipt of external awards constitutes a significant advantage on the job market, doctoral students in our program are encouraged to apply for external grants no later than the fourth year of the program.

The Northwestern Office of Fellowships is your best source for information on the external funding opportunities available to you; in addition, they have an archive of previous applications to many of the funding sources they advertise. Below, you'll find links both to the Graduate School's listing of Northwestern-funded fellowships and grants and to the Office of Fellowships pages most directly pertinent to our students. Finally, a list of fellowships and grants of which our students have been recent recipients has been included, broken down by the stage in the program during which application is possible. To access them, see the links in the navigation bar on the left.

Internal Fellowships & Grants