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Fall 2020 Class Schedule

**Meeting days and times may be subject to change.**
English 202Introduction to Creative WritingHughesWF  9:30-10:50
English 202Introduction to Creative WritingBatraWF  11-12:20
English 206Reading and Writing PoetryShanahanMW  11:20-12:40
English 206Reading and Writing PoetryShanahanMW  4:20-5:40
English 206Reading and Writing PoetryWebsterTTh  9:40-11
English 206Reading and Writing PoetryMarshallTTh  4:20-5:40
English 207Reading and Writing FictionBouldreyTTh  11:20-12:40
English 208Reading and Writing Creative NonfictionMunTTh  2:40-4
English 210-1English Literary Traditions, Part 1EvansTTh  11:20-12:40 plus discussion section
English 213Introduction to FictionJohnsonMW  10:20-11:10 plus discussion section
English 273Introduction to 20th Century American Literature (ICSP)MannMW  11:30-12:20 plus discussion section
English 300Seminar in Reading & Interpretation: Ideas of JusticeSchwartzMW  4:20-5:40
English 300Seminar in Reading & Interpretation: Southern Food, Music, and LiteratureČerneMW  1-2:20
English 300Seminar in Reading & Interpretation: Sex and the Gothic GirlChaskinTTh  1-2:20
English 307Advanced Creative Writing: What Happens Next? Structure, Plot, and Suspense in Short FictionKokernotTTh  1-2:20
English 308Advanced Nonfiction Writing: The Radio EssayBreslandMW  1-2:20
English 335Milton (Pre-1830)SchwartzMW  2:40-4
English 338Studies in Renaissance Literature: Brave New Worlds, 1500-1700 (Pre-1830)WestTTh  9:40-11
English 344Eighteenth Century Fiction: Jane Austen and the Culture Wars (Pre-1830)SoniMW  9:40-11
English 366Studies in African American Literature: Black Feminist Worldmaking (Post 1830/ICSP)MannMW  1-2:20
English 368Studies in 20th Century Literature: Lesbian Representation in Popular Culture (Post 1830/ICSP)ChaskinTTh  4:20-5:40
English 371American Novel: Major Authors: James Baldwin (Post 1830/ICSP)BeyTTh  1-2:20
English 371American Novel: Defining America (Post 1830)SavageTTh  2:40-4
English 378Studies in American Literature: American City: Chicago & Im/Migration in 20th-C. Literature (Post 1830/ICSP)ČerneMW  4:20-5:40
English 381Studies in Literature & Medicine: Literature and Medicine from Mary Shelley to Will Self (Post 1830)LaneMW  11:20-12:40
English 385Topics in Combined Studies: The Cinema of Always-On Computing (Post 1830)HodgeTTh  11:20-12:40
English 385Topics in Combined Studies: Learning to Walk: Experiments in Exteriority (Post 1830/TTC)FeinsodMW  2:40-4
English 386Studies in Literature and Film: American Fantasy (Post 1830)AndrewsMeets asynchronously 
English 393-1Theory and Practice of PoetryGibbonsMW  4:20-5:40
English 394-1Theory and Practice of FictionAbaniMW  4:20-5:40
English 395-1Theory and Practice of Creative NonfictionBreslandMW  4:20-5:40
English 398-1Honors SeminarSoniM  3-5:20
English 403Writers' Studies in Literature: How to WorkGibbonsM  10a-1p
English 410Introduction to Graduate StudyEvansW 2-4:50 
English 455Studies in Victorian Literature: Hardy's Genders and ProtomodernismLaneM  2-4:50
English 461Studies in Contemporary Literature: Hemispheric Literature and PoliticsFeinsodT  2-4:50
English 481Studies in Literary Theory & Criticism: Introduction to Digital HumanitiesLaddTh  2-4:50
English 493Elements of CraftAbaniT  6p-8:50p
English 494The Long FormWebsterW  2-4:50